"Relationship-Centered Scholarship", Vice President-Designated Roundtable: Digital Humanities and the Profession, ASEEES Annual Convention, Boston.

"Engaging Students in the Humanities and Sciences through Digital Scholarship Projects", Teaching Excellence Initiative, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

Extracción de identificadores personales de textos históricos en español ["Extraction of Personal Identifiers in Spanish Texts"]

Pen Stroke Generation for Offline Handwritten Text Recognition Using the MyScript API

Prodigy with Caffe2/Keras. Proposed workshop for DH 2019. Allows scholars to quickly train new image categories for computer vision.

Prodigy personal identifiers. Combined pattern-matching and contextual models to improve accuracy over our existing solution to identify Spanish-language names in historical texts.

OpenSeaDragon Collections. Simultaneously display tens of thousands of deep zoom images using server-side processing.